F. David Peat, Ph.D.



F. David Peat holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics and is deeply interested in the relationships between science, creativity, art, and culture. He worked with the late quantum physicist, David Bohm, and they even wrote a book together called: Science, Order and Creativity. Both scientists were friends for many years until Bohm’s died in 1992. Peat is the author of many books on science and our relation to the world. His books include: Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind, Blackfoot Physics: A Journey Into the Native American Universe, Infinite Potential: The Life and Times of David Bohm and Gentle Action.


F. David Peat lives in Tuscany, Italy, where he is the founder of the Pari Center for New Learning 

Miryam Servet
Writer, TV & Film Producer/Director

In the past few years, Miryam Servet, with more than two decades of experience in the audiovisual field, has been producing & directing many environmental programs (documentaries, reports and news) for Greenpeace and Oceana.

Born in Spain, in her teenage years, she moved to the USA where part of her family settled down. After living for a while in the South and attending Georgia Tech, she decided to go to Oklahoma where she graduated in Journalism. Back in those days, she studied American Indian Literature, made several trips to Arizona and New Mexico, and was invited for the first time to a Pow Wow. In the mid 1990s, she moved to Mexico City where she worked at Canal 11 (Mexican Public Television). In Mexico, she had the chance to grow deeper into one of her personal interest: Native American Cultures.

Journeying to Turtle Island is her first “audiovisual adventure” as a “1 woman band/absolutely indie” writer, director, producer…


Mariana Dueñas Arenas

 Mariana Dueñas Arenas was born in Bilbao in 1985. She moved to Madrid to study Broadcasting. After graduation, she started her professional trajectory in the film production company Kanzaman. In the past few years, she has worked for other film & tv production companies such as Filmanova, and has participated in several short films, among others: “Silencio para escuchar”, award winner in the XVIII Semana de Cine Experimental de Madrid.

At the present time, she is concentrating her efforts in editing and post producing independent audiovisual projects.

Mariana thinks of her participation in this project: “It has been a very fulfilling journey. A road that, fortunately, I have been able to make with people that made me realized the importance of coming to knowing”.

Red Lobo
Guitar player/singer/composer

Red Lobo has worked under different names as session musician for record companies such as: EMI, SONY, or WARNER, among others. He has also been a singer and guitar player in several Rock & Roll and Blues bands.

Currently, he lives in a small Mediterranean village, where he composes his music surrounded by mountains and enjoying the cool breeze that comes from the sea.

In his own words: “It’s been a real pleasure to be able to collaborate in this project because I’ve got really inspired by the people that participate in the film, by their expressions of their feelings for Mother Nature. Thank you all and I hope I can follow the Good Red Road”.