A Never Ending Quest Into Native American Knowledge







Journeying to Turtle Island*  is an audiovisual experience inspired by ways of seeing within the Native American world. It is a world of dreams, visions, archetypes, myths, symbols.  The documentary film follows F. David Peat‘s journey of “coming to knowing” as he travels to New Mexico to feel the heartbeat of “Turtle Island’s Renaissance”. And as Peat returns to his family in the medieval village of Pari, in Tuscany, his journey begins again in a constant flux of time and space. Because once you start your quest towards knowledge, there’s no going back and, as Peat recognizes: “Your life changes forever”.

F. David Peat  holds a Ph. D. in theoretical physics and is one of the most stimulating thinkers of our time. He was a friend and collaborator of the late quantum physicist and philosopher, David Bohm (whom Einstein described as his spiritual son) and is the author of many books on science.

* The Indigenous people of North America refer to their continent as Turtle Island.

 Documentary │ 52 Min. │ HD DIGITAL │ English & English with Spanish subtitles │